Sandra Martinez, on vocals

She is known worldwide as “La Cuñáaa”. She has helped me again with her voice, as she already did in “Mi Ultima Curva“.

Alba was born in 2009 and I started this song for her in 2014, as a tribute to my precious and beloved little daughter. Almost 10 years later, I have finally decided to finish it, write some lyrics and even sing it. Complicated challenge, because I’m not very convinced about my voice and I was going to leave it instrumental. Thank you Eduard, for cheering me up!

I try to express certain sensations that are changing, since Alba was born to the present moment. She is 14 years old now. In that full adolescence where she is now, a huge flow of things goes through her head, brain and hormonal changes together with a change of country of residence (Germany->Spain), which complicates the situation in this vital process that is not easy to assimilate for her.

Sometimes one think, “Who has changed this girl? Where is that girl who was so sweet and affectionate when she was little?” Anyway, that is life.

In the final part, I give a look of hope to the future, where I hope to return to the essence of her that captivated me so much.

I am very fond of changing the names of everything, an inheritance from my dear father. On this occasion Alba diverted to Albarilda, then my dear wife referred it once more to Rildu, the affectionate name we have used ever since to address her. And hence the name of the song.

Sandra, known worldwide as “La Cuñáaa”, has helped me again with her voice, as she already did in “Mi Ultima Curva“. She was the one who encouraged me to finish it, because she wanted us to present it to a contest on Instagram, #musicaconernergia. That contest is the one that set us a deadline of July 12, 2023 to finish and present it.

The great final challenge was to involve my new friend Eduard Stepaciv (thanks to his girlfriend and infinite friend Rocío Sánchez), to put together a video for us. He was working in real time from Barcelona editing the video, while we were recording the audio tracks of the song. I cannot be more than grateful to Eduard for his drive, dedication, passion, and affection that he has put into the project from minute one, to finish it on time, including (almost) sleepless nights. I hope they are the foundations for a collaborative block of the future. Thank you very much, MY FRIEND.

Rocío, my dear wife, also has her two cents in the project, since she helped me when I was starting the lyrics and with hardly any interesting ideas, to mature the initial part of the song. Thank you very much my love!!!

I do not say goodbye without also thanking my niece Naiara, who was in charge of the video recording. This would not have been possible without you, Naia.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did creating it. And without further ado, here is the Instagram video: