Beginning, first Steps

My first introduction to the world of music was in my teen years, when my parents signed up to music theory and classical guitar in high school. When I was 16, I became interested in electric guitar and there I began my passion for rock music. It was then that I formed my first rock band, Estación Sur (South Station), with some friends from high school. They gave me the nickname by which I am known since then in the world of music: Ferdis.

Estación Sur, in the High School times

For a few years we learned to play as a band, we created original songs and played versions of bands such as Heroes del Silencio, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana or Pearl Jam. We recorded our first demo and act in several trendy clubs of the time, as Oh! Madrid. Unfortunately the band ended up separating and each of us taking different musical direction. The singer, Pablo Mora founded years later Lagarto Amarillo with his brother and sister.


During my university studies I met Antonio and David, we shared tastes in rock and started playing the guitar in the corridors at the University. All this culminated in the creation of the band named Leyenda. I was linked to the band for twelve years as solo guitarist.

I have very good memories and a great experience from that time, apart from good friends. We recorded several demos and get the first contract with a record company (Pies).

In 2005 we released our first album, Quintaesencia. With this album we made known in the rock scene of Madrid, playing in concert hall such as Ritmo y CompasCaracol or Heineken and we ended up playing in the whole national territory, closing concerts in cities like Barcelona, Murcia, Valencia, Avila or Zaragoza.

In 2007 we released our second CDA Medianoche, just before my departure of the band.

Quintaesencia, released in 2005
A Medianoche, released in 2007


From that moment on, I am focused on recording songs in my home studio (I call it Ferdisrock Studio), where I learn the recording techniques and production while I record my own songs in a stepwise approach.

Last year I started to take singing lessons, is not my strongest point, but I am always trying to improve a bit.

If you play an instrument, write lyrics, sing, or would like to collaborate with me in any way, don’t hesitate to write me an email and we can most probably work something out!